9 Best Ruby on Rails IDEs for Web Development

Software development demands clean and organized code. IDEs are incredibly useful in situations like this. They remodel your code automatically by carrying out its operations, such as method extraction, file relocation, inline variable extraction, etc.

The choice of an IDE is crucial to a programmer as the choice of a programming language. IDEs should offer the highest level of usability as they are your main programming tools.

Ruby IDE is all you require to begin your programming career with Ruby or to be more efficient with the Ruby on Rails development web framework. Ruby IDEs are widely available.

The seven best Ruby on Rails IDEs are

  • RubyMine
  • Aptana studio
  • Microsoft visual studio
  • Vim
  • Emacs
  • Sublime text 4
  • Cloud 9
  • Atom
  • NetBeans


RubyMine is a full-featured IDE for Ruby that has the most up-to-date capabilities to support faster web development. The company Jet Brains is the one that created and marketed RubyMine.

RubyMine’s intelligence is its best feature. RubyMine can quickly run all Git tasks and resolve conflicts thanks to its Git integration. It provides ideas for frequently used methods is one of its features. Code editing is made more convenient by the local history function.

This function records all previous local changes in a document so that programmers can undo unintended changes without accessing a version control system. Additionally, a built-in console is loaded with RubyMine so you can launch the server and test Web services or APIs.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is another best IDE for Ruby on Rails that is open-source and cost-free.

For Ruby and Rails development specifically, RadRails was once a separate entity and was also highly popular until being merged with or acquired by Aptana Studio. Integrated Debugger, Outlining, and Code Assist are a few of RadRails’ standout features.

Microsoft Visuo Studio

Visual Studio Code is one of the best IDE for app development. While many code editors provide simple auto-completion and syntax highlighting, Visual Studio Code offers more. It uses Rspec, Cucumber, and Rubocop for unit testing and debugging and Rcodetools for autocomplete and formatting. Moreover, it is free to use, which is its plus point.


VIM was considered the best text editor by 25% of developers who responded to the 2019 StackOverflow Survey of Developers. VIM, unlike most IDEs, is ubiquitous and may be used with any programming language.

VIM is compatible with any programming language, unlike the majority of IDEs. VIM is lightweight and supports the quickest computers. It was first created especially for UNIX. Today Windows, Linux, and macOS all support VIM.


Ruby and Rails apps don’t need to support resource-intensive, fully-fledged IDEs. A text editor with the appropriate configuration will do the trick.

Emacs is a stunning and endearing editor for Ruby scripting and Ruby on Rails development that is free to use and adaptable to the user’s needs. There is a special Ruby plugin called enhanced-ruby-mode that supports Ruby programming.

Sublime Text 4

The autocomplete engine offers intelligent completions that are more precise than any other version of sublime text.

The integration with Sublime Merge, a multi-platform Git client, is advantageous for Sublime Text. The UI of Sublime Text does a fantastic job selecting the right colors for syntax definitions and coding, making the code simple to read. Sublime Text can handle enormous files because it is a lightweight editor.

Cloud 9

Cloud9 is quickly gaining popularity among medium to big corporations, and firms such as Heroku, Soundcloud, Mailchimp, and Mozilla are already using it. It is an online environment for developing browsers. Cloud 9 is free software that Amazon owns and manages. You may access your project with Cloud 9 from any location and device. All you need is a web browser.


It is a highly flexible text editor from the GitHub team and is free to use for personal and business purposes. Atom has quickly gained popularity and has a large community that keeps the editor advanced with new features.

Currently, numerous packages and plugins are available to personalize and enhance Atom Editor’s fundamental capabilities. Atom works with Windows, Ubuntu (Debian Linux), Fedora 22+, Mac OS X, and Red Hat Linux.


NetBeans is an IDE developed by Apache that is available for free. NetBeans operates on any operating system, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. NetBeans follows the “Write once, run everywhere” philosophy of Java.

Netbeans is one of the top Ruby on Rails IDEs, with everything needed to make coding more pleasurable. You do not have to add braces, brackets, parentheses, and quotation marks, as the editors do that automatically.

Large blocks of code, such as method declarations, comments, and import statements, can be hidden using the expand and collapse capabilities. The program has sophisticated autocompletion to assist you in writing code more efficiently and precisely.


There are a lot of IDEs to meet specific needs and preferences. You can choose any of the mentioned environments. You need to study the keyboard shortcuts and seek advice from more experienced users to understand any IDE better.

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